Charlene Jackson

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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."



Writing is my superpower.

My prowess as a writer was uncovered at a very early age by both my parents and my English teachers. All I ever knew then was that I could just do it (no infringement intended, Nike - put that lawyer away). By fourth grade, I'd written my first book (a less-than-ten-page venture about a bunch of stubborn unicorns bringing about their own inevitable extinction) and the following year, I'd employed my entire small town class of fifteen(ish) fifth-graders to act in my own comedic stage production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol (I was later heartbroken to discover The Muppets had beaten me to it). My ability to write exceedingly well was groomed to success by a combination of a) my mother's insistence on learning proper grammar and b) some exceptional school teachers who weren't afraid to acknowledge talent when they found it.

I've refrained from showcasing my fictional work here (which includes short stories, scripts, and game proposals). It's not because I lack confidence in my creative writing, I just don't trust the Internet. I have, however, included some academic papers (even an entire dissertation) because the average thief would find those things too snooze-worthy to steal (which makes me sad, really). Well, that and none of the ideas in my Shakespeare-related dissertation are particularly ground-breaking (although they *are* good), so I doubt Harold Bloom will be lining up to lay claim to my theories. The rest of the showcased works are technical and instructional in nature, so if you want to teach Grandma how to copy and paste using my handout, go for it (and tell Grandma I say, 'hi').

Should more creative writing examples be required by a prospective employer, well, that's a different scenario. You can have all the Lovecraft-esque dystopian space tales (with bunnies!) you want if you're thinking of hiring me. (I have my pride, but I'm not that stubborn.)